• Beirut, Lebanon

Reform Lebanon is a non-profit initiative that aims to promote reforms in the country’s public policies and legislations.

Emerging from the October 2019 Revolution, Reform aims to build short- and long-term strategies that will (i) assist decision-makers in their work, and (ii) enable public policies and legislation to adhere to and enhance the rule of law, good governance, and accountability.

Our “Advancement of the Lebanese Legal System” program (AtLLS) (i) analyses current laws, policies, and regulations, (ii) proposes solutions to current and potential problems in existing laws and/or proposed drafts, and (iii) offers inclusive studies¬† on the impact of legislation as well as drafts of project laws and regulations.

Through our “Media for Change” program (MfC), we work on advocacy campaigns to implement policy reforms, activate accountability, and adhere to good governance and human rights standards.